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What is Linkush?

Linkush is a simple tool that lets you add a customized message to any page. Use it to increase email lists, generate more leads and improve conversions to your website.

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What can you do with us?

Create sharable links within seconds

Paste your original outbound link, create your branded CTA and share anywhere!
Create Call-to-action

Increase sales with content curation

Content curator or an internet marketer? Boost your authority by linking to reputable websites, but keep the attention on your brand with Linkush Call-to-actions.
Increase sales with content curation

Retarget visitors and generate leads

If they’re interested in the content you share, they’re interested in the products you sell. Start remarketing with Facebook pixel and Google pixel to increase conversions.
Retarget and visitors and generate leads

Types of CTAs supported

Choose the CTA that meets your goals

CTA Buttons
Create old school CTAs that re-route your leads back to your brand.
Modals and pop-ups
Capture attention at the right moment with modals and pop-ups: display them immediately, with a delay, or intercept exit intent.
Spread your amazing offer beyond your website by uploading a banner image.
Phone calls
Get more leads for your marketing teams with engaging CTA overlays such as phone call icons
Social links
Invite your leads to connect with you on social media.
Email forms
Get more mailing list subscribers by integrating simple email forms to your outbound links.
WhatsApp buttons
Start talking to your leads right away! Link them directly to your whatsapp chat from any website.
Retargeting & Remarketing
Reach high-quality leads with Facebook pixel and Google pixel integrated into your CTA overlays.
RTL language support
Speaking Hebrew or other right-to-left languages? No problem! Create beautiful and native CTAs.

How does Linkush work?


Find a great article your leads and followers will love!


Copy the link and paste it to Linkush


Create Call-to-Action from a variety of options


Attach the link to the CTA you just created, and get a sharable link


Share with your audience on social media, forums, ads, and more!

Get started - it's free
   No credit card required   No time limit on free plan
by @ranl